Saturday, August 3, 2013

Republicans Flip Flop on Gay Focus

Seriously?  Talk about flip flops!  For years now Republican leaders have been obsessively preoccupied on how evil we gays are -- how we're destroying society, ruining traditional families and marriage, eroding military morale and effectiveness, forcing our "agenda" on innocent children, incurring the wrath of God . . . and so on.  And NOW they want to "distance" themselves and focus on jobs?   

In the meantime, President Obama’s policies (despite obstructionist Republicans) has added more than 4 million private sector jobs over the last 25 months,  489,000 manufacturing jobs, saved more than a million jobs due to his auto rescue and we are beginning to climb out of the dismal economic mess Obama inherited from war-mongering Republican chicken hawks.  

Advice to Boehner: Stick with the gay-bashing – focusing on real issues only makes you look worse.     

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