Saturday, August 3, 2013

NFL Star Takes Fan to Prom: A Dream Date for Both Men

Prom night from TV series Queer as Folk, Season One
May 23, 2012

I read a story today on called, "Browns Cornerback and Fan have Dream Prom Date,"  about Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden taking a girl named Joyce Grendel to her high school prom.

MSN then asks readers to respond to this: "Who do you wish you could have taken to the prom?"

I wish I could have taken a boyfriend to the prom, but in those days it would have been a sure death sentence and even today it's not yet accepted in most places. But things are headed in the right direction overall, despite the homophobia, bigotry, hate and ignorance that still exists in parts of our nation (North Carolina comes to mind). Here's a headline I would love to see: "NFL Star takes High School Football Player and Fan to Prom: A Dream Date for Both Men!" -- followed, of course, by all the same sort of quotes and comments regarding the Joe/Joyce story: "Well-played NFL Star!" . . . "This shows class on the part of the NFL star!" . . . "High School student's dad approves, calling NFL star a 'nice guy.'" 

Maybe someday.

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